Now I have got Vuescan and my Epson 4490 set up OK on Ubuntu 13.10 I’m hoping to get some of my old Holga shots scanned.

As I used the Holga mainly from June 2008 up until June 2010 I have ended up with a LOT of 120 negatives.

I'm working on a "lucky dip" way of choosing what to scan otherwise I'd not easily decide which negatives to scan as there are so many.

This is a track from a ride on Weymouth Beach


Now for a pedalo ride boat - looks like I need to work on keeping my horizons straight!

Just been checking the wording on the negatives which shows film type and - "AADCAG" FUJI  400 - my guess is that we are looking at PRO400H colour negative film but i could be wrong