Looks like I have an annoying dust bunny and the lens cannot be removed so no chance of easily doing it myself like with a DSLR!

I'm hoping this will get fixed under warranty.

f/16 - very annoying!


f/11 - still v bad


f/8 - not good


f/5.6 - blurry now


f/4 - quite blurred


f/2.8 - very blurred but still visible


update 9/1/14:  just noticed that the "dust bunny" has shifted a bit!   I'm hoping this is a sign that it's not "welded" to the sensor and might drop off.

I normally keep my GR in the pannier on my bicycle, so I'm hoping that the constant vibration might eventually shift the dust altogether.

I have put the camera loose in one of the pannier pockets so more vibration is transferred to the camera and with the front face (lens side) down as well.