Have taken some more shots with the Ricoh GRD IV, in Kilve (yesterday) & Taunton (today).


Noticed there is something a bit odd with some flash photos, where they are overexposed by about 3 stops occasionally - it's a bit strange as I have updated the firmware to the latest version and it seems that some scenes, either heavily backlit (eg a photo of something on a window sill) or shots with a large dark area in them, can be affected.

It would be a bit annoying if it had to go back, as not sure if it's something that affects all GRD IV models, but have seen a report on a forum of someone else with the same issue.   The camera seems to work fine apart from this, and it only affects a small number of flash shots, but annoying none the less for a £350 camera.


I have used the monochrome module in Darktable to convert these shots taken in Taunton, and have used the "Ricoh Like" base curve option.


Quite liked the backlit "cat" logo here at Black Cat Records


Finally a shot from Kilve taken yesterday, just before the rain set in for the day