I have now had the GRD IV for a couple of days and am starting to get used to the way it works.Here is a selection of shots taken in Bath today:


I do like the way that it is quite discreet when it comes to taking shots in the street - it is almost silent, and it does not look like a "serious" camera at all!


In fact the way it is used from the LCD instead of the viewfinder simply makes me look like a typical tourist with a point & shoot camera


Also being digital it means I'm more likely to snap things as I go along rather than worry about the cost of each shot with film


A bit abstract here




It even works well in indoor light conditions - all these shots were taken in "P" mode and converted from RAW to jpeg using Darktable for Linux - a sort of lightroom clone, but in some ways I think I prefer it to Lightroom, and it's free which can't be bad.